Here is a list of the pages available on our website. At Halton Carers’ Centre we work to reach unpaid young & adult carers across Halton and develop services for them. Our website explains the services we can provide and how they can help you to manage your caring role confidentially, have some time for yourself and stay well.

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About Halton Carers

Who is a Carer?


Many people with caring responsibilities often don’t see themselves as carers, but rather as a family member, neighbour or friend.

Who's Who?


If you ever contact the Carers Centre and speak to any of our staff members, you will find them all to be very friendly and approachable.

Our Trustees


The board of trustees oversee our finances, operational work and support of carers in Halton. Many of our them are carers themselves.

Our Partners


We wouldn’t exist without the backing of our partners, associates, supporters and various foundations that we work with nationwide.



Donations and fundraising efforts make a real difference in our region. There are many ways you can help raise funds for Halton Carers.

Our Lottery


The Halton Carers Centre Lottery is an opportunity for you to help us raise money for carers in Halton, and have a chance of winning a prize!

Our Services



Looking after a relative, friend or neighbour can be very isolating and difficult for some carers to share their concerns with other people.

Emotional Support


Often carers just need to talk to someone who understands what they are going through. We provide opportunities for carers to talk to other carers.

Family Support


If there are a few carers in your family, including young carers, our Carer Support Workers may be able to support you and your family.

Former Carers’ Group


If your caring role ends you could remain with our Carers’ Centre for a further twelve months. You can also join our Former Carers’ Group.



We usually hold regular Carers’ Forums to enable carers to get together with other carers, professionals in Halton and Carers’ Centre staff.

Holistic Therapy Service


Our fully qualified therapist provides body massage, reflexology, facials, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow tidy or hot wax treatment.

Information & Advice


Our Carers Support Workers are here to help you with any issues you may have, we have a wide variety of information and support available in Halton.



Check out the latest edition of the Halton Carers Newsletter. There’s information and news about local activities and events held by Halton Carers Centre.



Many carers find their caring role can take its toll on their feet. Our podiatry service is a 1 hour treatment from a fully qualified podiatrist.

Personalised Break Fund


We manage a Carers’ Personalised Break Fund to enable carers to have a break from their caring role, which is paid for by NHS Halton CCG.

Support Groups


We provide a number of support groups for our carers, including a Coffee Group, a Young Carers Group, a Dementia Carers’ and Mental Health Group.



Our registered carers can access all the training sessions we provide free of charge. Get in touch to know more about the training we can offer.

Our Trips


Carers can access a day trip to meet other carers and have a break from their caring role. Day trips are publicised via the website and newsletter.

Support for Adult Carers

Adult Carers Calendar


Visit our Calendar page to find out what exciting new events and fun activities we’ll be holding over the coming weeks and months!

Support for Young Carers



Halton Carers currently support approximately 700 young carers between the ages of 4-17, both individually and as part of their family.

Young Carers Calendar


Visit the Halton ‘Young Carers Calendar’ page to find out what exciting new events and fun activities we’ll be holding over the coming weeks!

Young Carers Newsletters


View our latest edition of the Young Carers Newsletter for information and news about FREE trips, activities and events by Halton Carers.



We provide support for young carers and their schools covering several aspects including in-school reviews and facilitating support groups.

Young Carers Breaks


Young Carer Breaks are to alleviate the practical and emotional stress young carers can face when they are engaged in a caring role.

Young Carer Daytrips


Halton Young Carers Team offers daytrips & activities throughout the year for all of our young carers, all our activities and trips are FREE.


Our Registration Process


Registering as a carer is easy to do and it’s free! You can either contact us to refer yourself or a service may refer you to us with your consent.

Hospitals and GP Practices


We have a GP Worker and Hospital Worker funded by NHS Haltons CCG to help GP practices and hospitals to identify and support carers.

Sharing Information


We share your information with HBC’s Social Care Services and Halton’s CCG, all have processes in place to make sure that they comply with GDPR.

Carers’ Rights


The Carers’ Act (2014) gives local authorities a responsibility to assess a carer’s need for support. It’s important to know your rights.

Carers’ Assessments


Providing care to someone in their own home can entitle a carer to an assessment of their needs which can help them to continue caring.

Carers’ Emergency Plan


If you are looking after someone regularly you may worry about what will happen if you are taken ill, or are in an accident or similar emergency.

Direct Payments


When assessing the impact of caring on your wellbeing, HBC will ask you to complete a short questionnaire which takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Support Plans


At the end of the Carer’s Assessment you will need to agree on a support plan which is similar to the one we complete when you register with us.

Useful Contacts


We have put together a list of useful contacts that carers may come in handy. Just click the link to access the ‘Useful Contacts’ page.